What are the payment options?

Payment options and any fees are fully disclosed and clearly highlighted during the checkout process prior to order confirmation.

In normal market conditions we will accept bank transfer, credit/debit card (Visa/Mastercard only) and cash. Bank transfer is free and the preferred payment method.

Credit card payment is only available in person (Brisbane) or by phone, for existing ID verified clients with a proven purchase history with us, or where a new client is storing metal with us. Credit card and cryptocurrencies are accepted at our sole discretion and incurs a fee. Any payment that does not meet our compliance/risk requirements will be rejected. 


Can someone else pay for my order?

Queensland Mint is fully compliant with Australia’s ATML laws. Any payment made in respect of an invoice must be made by the person(s) and/or entity to whom it is addressed, unless otherwise explicitly authorised by Queensland Mint Pty Ltd . Acting on its sole discretion, Queensland Mint reserves the right to delay delivery of a product or request further documentation in the event of a third-party payment. Common problems include clients buying in an individual account but paying from a superfund account. This becomes a major headache for you and your auditor. Unfortunately we cannot change or reassign invoices. Similarly we often see couples buying in one name and paying in another or Company directors buying in their own name but paying from their company. Whilst often inadvertant this is not permitted for the purchase of bullion.  To solve this problem we have added a sub account function. You can manage your individual, joint, superfund, businesses or trust accounts from one single login. You can add multiple sub accounts from the my account page. Once set up, buying bullion in the correct sub account is easy. Just click on the "select account" dropdown menu each time you checkout. Please take the time to set up your accounts properly. It is really important. Payments must be received from bank accounts matching the name of the purchasing person(s) or entity. If you would like help setting up sub accounts or further information please contact our support staff during business hours

What are the bank transfer payment terms?

Payment is required within 24 hours of order.

We recognise banks often take 48 hours to clear funds so all we ask is that you make the payment within the 24 hour timeframe. Failure to meet our payment terms may incur a cancellation fee and/or market loss

If you are making a payment by personal or bank cheque into our account (where clearance can take more than 48 hours) you must tell us in advance or your order may be re-priced or cancelled.

If you are making payment via online banking transfer please ensure your daily limit is sufficient to meet our 24 hour payment terms. We will not accept payments over multiple days unless specifically arranged in advance.

Daily transfer limits can be overcome in a number of ways:

  1. Go directly to your bank branch and request an over the counter electronic transfer.
  2. Request a daily transfer limit from your bank prior to making a purchase from us (this can take a week with some banks).
  3. Deposit money into our account prior to making a purchase. We will issue you with a credit which can be offset against your next purchase.

What are the bank deposit details?

For clients paying in Australian Dollars (AUD) please deposit into the following
Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) account:

Queensland Mint Pty Ltd
We are now using PayID for faster & more secure payments!
PayID: ABN - 57164269210

Order number in the reference field.
Please ensure that you use the correct order number to identify your deposit if using an online transfer.

Need help with your payment? Our staff are happy to assist - please call us on (+61) 07 3184 3300.

International transfers must be in AUD and net of any FX or bank charges.
International SWIFT code: NATAAU3304B.

How do I make a cash payment?

You can deposit cash directly into the bank account or in pay cash person at our office. To pay cash in person please visit our office within 2 business days and bring photographic ID.

Our payment terms are based on 4 important world wide precious metal industry conventions:

  1. Once you place an order it is a legally binding contract (just like a stockbroker when buying shares)
  2. Settlement is required on a T+2 basis (Transaction date plus 2 days for cleared funds). Effectively meaning you need to release the payment within 24 hours of order to meet settlement requirements.
  3. Late or non settlement will be re priced and/or market loss/cancellation fees may apply.
  4. No metal will be released under any circumstances until your order is confirmed and we have cleared funds in our account.

Learn more about our terms and conditions, in particular please understand the implications of non settled payment and our market loss policy.

What should I do if I have a payment problem?

Please contact our customer service team on +61 7 3184 8300.