Picture of 5.01oz Vintage Geomin Gold Cast Bar

5.01oz Vintage Geomin Gold Cast Bar

5.01oz Geomin Gold Cast Bar
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Queensland Mint is proud to present the 5.01oz Vintage Geomin Gold Cast Bar.


Elevate your precious metals portfolio with the 5.01oz Vintage Geomin Gold Cast Bar. With its significant weight of 5.01 ounces of .9972 fine gold, this bar is a beacon for both seasoned investors and collectors who value the blend of purity and historical craftsmanship.

Perfect for those looking to make a significant yet refined addition to their investment holdings, this bar combines the intrinsic value of gold with the artistic merit of vintage casting. Its weight and purity make it a formidable asset, while its unique aesthetic appeals to collectors and connoisseurs of fine gold bars.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 5.01 ounces of .9972 fine gold.

  • The cast design lends a raw, vintage aesthetic that is increasingly sought after in the gold market, emphasizing the bar's unique character.

  • This bar is a standout addition, ideal for diversifying portfolios or as a noteworthy piece in a collection of fine gold.


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Products specifications

Product ID 3789
Metal Gold
Type Bar