10 x 1966 Australian 50c Silver Coins

The Final Silver Currency
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Queensland Mint presents 10 x 1966 50c Silver Coins (80% Purity).


Step back in time with this set of ten 1966 50-cent silver coins, each a piece of Australian numismatic history. These coins were among the first decimal currency introduced in Australia, making them a significant addition to any collection.


Coin Highlights:

  • Each coin weighs 13.28 grams with 80% pure silver content.
  • Total pure silver weight of 10.624 grams (or 0.341 ounces) per coin.
  • Australian Legal Tender with a face value of 50 cents each.
  • The set includes 10 coins, offering a combined pure silver weight of 3.41 ounces.
  • Please Note: Due to their age, these coins are issued as is, no specific condition or grade is guaranteed or may be specifid

The obverse features the Arnold Machin effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, typical of the era's coinage. The reverse boasts the Australian coat of arms – a kangaroo and an emu flanking a shield – symbolizing the nation’s identity. The design includes the denomination and the year '1966', marking an important milestone in Australian currency history.

This set of 10 x 1966 50c Silver Coins, with its high silver content and historical value, is a must-have for collectors and silver enthusiasts. Their blend of history, collectibility, and intrinsic silver value makes them a noteworthy investment. Secure these iconic pieces of Australian history today from Queensland Mint, your trusted source for premium collectible coins.

Products specifications

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Metal Aluminum
Type Coin
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